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20 Years of Experience

Certified Real Estate Inspections by Gregory Vishey, BSME, MSA, CRI, NIT, Member ASHI , AIHA, FHA-HUD Approved 203(k) Inspector #A124 and Consultant #P1584

Greg Vishey is a Professional, Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI), Nationally-certified Inspector Trainer (NIT), HUD 203(k) Inspector, Member of NAHI, Board Member of MIC-NAHI, Mechanical Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Internationally Published author, Inventor (with 5 patents), Instructor of Home Inspection & Home Safety, Contributing writer to the NAHI FORUM, Contributor to Detroit Free Press, Past Speaker & co-Host for Joe Gagnon's  "Ask the Handiman" Show on WXYT 1270 AM radio, Guest Inspector & Speaker for Michigan First Credit Union, and many other qualifications...

   I specialize in First-Time Buyers, Lakefront, Commercial Properties and Legal Professional Services

My Philosophy:

Where I inspect, my customers follow with life savings & hard work.  They are deeply invested financially and emotionally in their purchase and depend on my services to protect them.  I present facts clearly and advise on repair strategies.  I actively support my clients long after the sale and am a ready resource for their questions and needs.

Testimonials - What Customers Say :

BC (Warren):  "First, allow me to compliment you on your obvious superior skills and meticulousness at what can only be described as an art-form. No mere trade or profession can satisfactorily reflect your hard work and attention to detail. Impressive work!"

GA (Hazel Park):  "In a profession where there are so many who cut corners and look to make a quick dollar, you stand head and shoulders above the rest, offering insight and professionalism in your work.  A quick story: My realtor called and said "I guess you guys stayed pretty late the other night looking over the house" To me, that speaks volumes about the detail and quality of the inspection. I said, "Of course we spent a lot of time. And as a result, I feel more confident about the property."

BZ (Sterling Hts):  "I'm so glad you inspected my home, because not only did you point out various problems, you taught me how to become a better homeowner.  I'll be glad to give you referrals when they arise.  You did a great job for me and I really appreciate it."  Read other testimonials here...

My Service Area is S-E Michigan & Thumb   I generally inspect where my referrals ask me to go.  I cover many of Michigan's South-East Communities, including but not limited to:   Bad Axe, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Centerline, Clinton Twp, Farmington, Ferndale, Fort Gratiot, Grosse Pointe, Harbor Beach Harper Woods, Harrison Twp,  Huntington Woods, Lakeport, Lexington, Macomb, Orchard Lake, Port Huron, Port Sanilac, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Shelby, St Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Southfield, Troy, Warren, Washington Twp, West Bloomfield....and most everywhere in-between.

Available References?   Hundreds.  My business is referral-based from satisfied customers - You are my priority. 

 Do I Meet  Standards? Yes, Inspections & Reports fulfill the ASHI Standards - Including: On & under roof, grounds, foundation, structure, floors, walls, windows, doors, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, furnace, A/C, appliances & many areas that other inspectors pass by.

Concerned about Air Quality or Mold  or Radon ?,   I test for Mercury and Lead (and other heavy) metals.  My testin includes Radon, asbestos, water, air, dust, soils, hydrocarbons, Soil and bat guano diseases, EMF/EMI, Formaldehyde and other tests.  As a Test Engineer and Engineering Manager, I know how to get testing done quickly and affordably.  

Your Next Inspection Report:  Your home's findings are presented in a thorough and easy to understand report.  It tells you what is wrong, what skilled trade should fix it and you'll get a rough idea of how much repairs like that should cost. Your report will be useful long into the future.  Click here to review a sample report

 Many inspectors take an hour or less... My inspections typically take over 3.5 hours.  As part of my normal inspections, I conduct InfraRed (IR) Photography at all inspection sites because it reveals much about the inner walls and ceilings.  I remain on site to properly explain all findings.  My job is to make you brilliant about the home!  After the inspection, 3-4 more hours will be spent preparing your professional report so that it makes sense to you.  Your report will normally be sent to you that night or by 9am the next morning.

Remember:  The devil (and the risk) is in the details.

Shopping for an Inspector? You should:

1.  Take Your Time.  As you draft your offer, request 9-10 days for the inspection (this is negotiable - it is YOUR offer).  If needed, extend your inspection period through an amendment to your purchase offer.   You need this time to evaluate all the findings for this purchase.  Get more time up front.  Rushing increases your risk.  Use this Buyers Checklist to reduce risk.

2.  Choose a Capable Inspector.  Look for a well-educated and experienced inspector who communicates well and fulfills the ASHI Standards.  Request and review a sample report.  Review a sample report.    Your Inspector must:  1. Be capable of finding things that are not obvious. 2. Correctly interpret findings.  3. Communicate findings to you in a useful manner.   

3.  Choose a Great Report (not a cheap one).  Review a sample report.   When the inspection is over, you get a report...make it a great one!  Beware of thin reports with nothing in them or thick reports with useless "encyclopedia" type information - you are not designing homes, you are buying this one.  You need information about this house.   Inspectors and reports vary as much as homes do - in detail, cost & quality.   Bad reports initially cost the same as great ones.  Later, they cost much, much more...

4.  Consider the True Cost of Your Inspection.   I save buyers THOUSANDS of dollars.  The defects I find and repair strategies I suggest pay for the inspection many times over.  This contrasts to inspectors with similar or lower rates but their value and completeness is lacking because they lack experience.  My inspections start at around $395 for homes under 2500 sq ft and  increases based on age, size & complexity.  Individual plumbing, electrical, foundation or roof inspections are offered at reduced costs if all you want is one portion of the home checked.

5. Connect to Past Services & Warranties.  Ask about past repairs, appliances & service warranties.  Some owners buy service contracts on the furnace and gas appliances - these can transfer.  Some waterproofing remedies come with long warranties. Ask the City if there are any past or open permits on the home (and get a copy of the Permit History.   

6.  Don't get lost or misled in the VA , FHA/HUD or 203k Processes.  If financing VA / FHA, you will need an appraisal through FHA.  This appraisal is NOT an inspection  (even though it is often called one).  The VA/FHA Appraisal covers only 86 items to secure the loan.  You will be advised to get a Home Inspection (HUD Advisory Form 92564CN).  An FHA appraisal is not an inspection.   (see HUD Inspection Form 92564VC )   If using a HUD 203(k) loan, I am a HUD 203(k) Inspector and 203(k) Consultant.

Who is Doing Your Next Inspection and what do you expect of them?

I am Nationally Certified to teach Home Inspection and I also teach Material Application, Building Technique, & Safety.  As an Inspector, I routinely find defects that builders, electricians and plumbers create.  Few inspectors are qualified to teach this craft. 

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Free Information & Important Links

1.  THE BUYER'S CHECKLIST The BEST steps to minimize your risk and to maximize your discovery.  Print a copy and let this save you money and reduce risk.
2. REPORT EXAMPLE: A Free Sample Report Simply download a sample PDF report for your review.  Compare this work to other inspector reports you might be considering.
3.  MY CURRICULUM VITAE Consulting, Expert Witness & Expert Testimony services are expertly fulfilled

4.  MY OWN REFERRALS - Trusted Services

Links to trusted Contractors that I have used for many years who are reasonably-priced, ethical and hard working.  I know many of these contractors through the GPW Chapter of BNI and the Macomb Chamber of Commerce.

5. MOLD:  Concerns & Answers

An explanation of available services and how they can help you

6. RADON:  Concerns & Answers

An explanation of Radon sources, testing and how this can help you

7. FAQ: Inspection Questions & Answers

FAQ's - Get very complete answers to your questions about inspection findings.

8. TEST: What is wrong in this picture? 

A quick check on your own skills of inquiry and observation.

9.  TYPICAL FINDS:  in 100 Homes

Check this analysis of problems in100 homes that I inspected... with photos.


Where my business comes from and Why I take care of my clients

11.  Sample some of my past work

Check on my "Home" work.  This will show you I know what I'm doing.


Contact:  Email Greg Vishey at -  gregvishey@gmail.com

Greg Vishey is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)  and a past 14-year board member of the Michigan Inspectors - (The Michigan Chapter of NAHI)

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