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Greg Vishey

The following inspection Issues were noted in this home (these areas are considered in every home inspection that I do and are part of the proprietary checklist that I use).

1.  The furnace discharges 9ppm peak/2ppm nominal of Carbon  Monoxide (CO) into the living space.  This was measured at a single discharge vent over a 1 hour period and resulted in our recommendation to have this newer unit re-checked by the company that installed it.  The unit was judged to be within manufacturer's design limits and was pronounced serviceable.

2.  The floor tile along the wall was loose due to repeated water entry at the foundation.  The water source was an outside faucet that would drip onto the foundation. (This becomes a "watch item" for the owner).

3.  The floor tile and mastic (adhesive) was sampled and sent to an EPA-approved lab and the tile was verified to contain asbestos.  The mastic did not.  The recommendation was to leave the floor tiles intact since they were generally in good shape and they represent a low risk.

4.  The vent hood on the water heater was loose and required re-installation to reduce the risks of CO exposure.  The cement where it entered the chimney was loose and leaked; providing a possible CO leak path.

5.  The electrostatic filter was inoperative.

6.  The humidifier had a defective float that would stick and place water into the furnace (see the rust at the base of the furnace).  The float required replacement.  The drum inside required cleaning.  A lime-fighting filter was recommended.

7.  The miniature sump system on the side of the furnace discharges condensation from the heater and A/C to the outside.  The discharge line had frozen and the sump overflowed, placing water onto the basement floor.  This was determined from water stains and rust on the furnace sides.

8.  Water enters the foundation at the gas line because an outside down spout discharges there.  Traces of the water stains and some fungus on the wall were evidence of this. (The down spout was repaired and re-routed)

9.  There is a small gas leak at the coupling that joins the gas line to the unit.  (The owner tightened this).

10.  The copper plumbing has lead solder.

11.  Fungus at the base of the wall was sent to a lab for analysis and was determined to be cladosporium  (low risk, easily cleaned) and penicillium (higher risk and easily cleaned).  (The walls were cleaned with TSP, a little bleach to remove the stain, sealed and painted with a Zinsser paint containing an antimicrobial.)

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