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Certified Real Estate Inspections by Gregory Vishey, BSME, MSA, CRI.

                              Member ASHI, MIC-NAHI

Greg Vishey is a Professional, Certified Real Estate Inspector (CRI) and Mechanical Engineer, Member of NAHI, Board Member of MIC-NAHI, Six Sigma Black Belt, Internationally Published author, Inventor (with 5 patents), Instructor of Home Inspection & Home Safety, Contributing writer to the NAHI FORUM, Contributor to Detroit Free Press, Past Speaker & co-Host for Joe Gagnon's  "Ask the Handiman" Show on WXYT 1270 AM radio, Guest Inspector & Speaker for Michigan First Credit Union, and many other qualifications...

Do I know what I am doing?  Sample this work that I did (no subcontracting):

Kitchen Project

(Kitchen - Before & after - replace counter with island and create new cabinets)

Required work: Structural changes, tile, carpeting, plumbing, electrical, lighting, counters & cabinetry (from scratch)

Decking project:

(Deck - Before & after - wraps around the house 1000 sq feet)

Required work: Grading, structural changes, plumbing, electrical, low voltage lighting, Irrigation

Bathroom project:

(Bathroom - Before & after - gut the bathroom to the studs and start over from scratch)

Required work: Structural changes, tile, plumbing, electrical, counters & cabinetry, glasswork

I don't do remodeling for hire ... but I do know what is correct and I can often spot many mistakes that licensed builders and other skilled trades make in their haste to get work done.  Take advantage of these skills and use Vishey Home Inspection to reduce your new home or remodeling risk.  I am frequently consulted prior to remodeling and during remodeling to advise on problems and to help create new opportunities.

If you would like your home inspected or if your remodeling needs help,

Call Greg Vishey at (586)665-0659 to arrange an appointment.

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