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Important Links for S-E Michigan Home Owners and Buyers

I've avoided creating a long list of useless Real Estate & Inspection links.  These are of sound value to the Real Estate consumer. If you have any suggestions for additional sites, please contact the webmaster at gregvishey@comcast.net

National Associations & Very Important Information for Selecting a Home Inspector

MLS Listings

Michigan Multiple Listing Service (MMLS) from mi-mls.com

Helpful Home Maintenance Information

Glenn Haege - Masterhandyman.com

Building information site
Ask the Builder
A DoItYourself.com - A great homeowner help site
Theplumber.com - Questions & Answers site with additional links for your plumbing questions

This Old House.com

Radon Information

Radon.com - Extensive Radon Questions & Answers site with additional links

Asbestos Information

(Search on the EPA site as these links have changed)

Lead Information & Heavy Metals

(Search on the EPA site as these links have changed)

Mold Information

Glenn Haege - Mold Types & Effects

(Search on the EPA site as these links have changed)

Sources for Hazardous Material Information

(Search on the EPA site as these links have changed)

University of Akron (OH) Database for Hazardous Chemicals and their Properties
Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease registry (ATSDR) Master Info Site
Envirnmental Health Center/National Safety Center - Chemical Backgrounder Index (chemical characteristics/hazards)

Other Indoor Air Quality Publications

Other Sites Regarding Product Safety/Defects

(Search on the EPA site as these links have changed)

USG - Consumer Product Safety Commission (Lists product recalls)

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What do Home Inspectors Find?

A summary of 100 homes and their findings

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