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Serving much of SE Michigan and the "Thumb" 

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WHY ME? >>> 20+ years experience, ASHI CRI Certified.  On all inspections, the following services are conducted with no extra charge to the consumer (these make for a great inspection!): InfraRed Photography, Wood-destroying insect review, Moisture and mold assessment, Foundation structural assessment,  Carbon Monoxide measurement and estimates of needed repairs. 

When other inspectors tell a client that they need to seek out a specialist in mold, foundations or other home defects...those are the services that I provide with my inspection.  I am an accomplished Engineer, Mold Specialist and I review structures & provide services to contractors, home owners and to litigation.

Thank you to our veterans.  I prepare your NPMA-33 paperwork for the Wood-Damaging insect inspection and I conduct that Wood-Damaging Insect review at no charge, during the inspection.  I assign a value of $95 to that service (which will be covered by the seller and which decreases your inspection cost by that same amount).

Don't buy half of an inspection with someone else.

 Inspection & Consulting Services 

Real Estate: Residential and Commercial Inspections and Consultation. 

.  ASTM E-2018-15 Commercial Inspections, Mold inspections, Roof, Structural and Foundation inspections

.  Measurement of Moisture problems and Mold Solutions

.  Interior Environmental Consultant, Member of AIHA

.  Measurements in the Field, Manufacturing Site and Evaluation of Process or Test Phenomena

.  Investigation and Resolution of Building Defects and Designs of Needed Repairs

.  New & Renovation Construction Consultant

Registered HUD/FHA Inspector and HUD/FHA 203k Consultant

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.  At all times, I carry equipment capable of measuring: Radon, Mold, Asbestos, Insect damage, Formaldehyde, VOCs, Humidity, Air Pressure, EMI/RF, Moisture, Airflow/leakage, Insulation Measurement an engineer with a past testing background, I know what these instruments do and what their readings mean.

 Engineering, Program Management, Six Sigma, Product Invention, Development, & Process Consulting 

Automotive and Aircraft Seating, Aircraft Interior Components, Materials and Assemblies 

Automotive, Aerospace, Defense Design, Process and Consultation Services

.  Product Development (metals, plastics, interior trim, elastomers, finishes, electronics, environmental survival)

Patent Search and Patent Development

Six Sigma Project Champion - Specializing in Product and Transactional (Financial) Process Optimization

Process Development (extrusion, vac form, stamping, molding, welding, die casting, assembly, Poka-Yoke)

Program Management (Timing Plans, Procedures, Program design, Staffing consultant, Acquisition review)

.  Team Organizing, Contractor Work Scope, Budget tracking, Manpower Management, Contracts and Defect Resolution

  Litigation & Expert Testimony

.  Mold damage, Interior Environmental Consultant, Member AIHA, ASHI

.  Drawing reviews, Strategy development, Requirements Review

Scope of Work and Contract, Deliverable and Schedule Compliance

.  Draw Schedule Analysis, % Complete Calculations, Cost to Complete Estimating

.  Product, Building/Work Defects and Recommended Repair

Automotive Interiors & Seating, Aerospace Interiors & Seating, Defense, Real Estate


 Real Estate and Property Development

Drawing reviews

Material selection

Contractor Scope of Work Preparation and Review

Product Failure Analysis


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